Saturday, November 13, 2010


There's not much going on this weekend so I thought I'd share something from last weekend. It's been in the news recently that three Osprey's were shot down. It was illegal to kill and is was just senseless. I've been fascinated by eagles since I was young but have become interested in other birds of prey. Shortly after the news of the three downed birds I began to notice an Osprey in my neighborhood. "Was the bird displaced by the previous events?", I wondered. I've seen the this winged brother or sister of the earth on several occasions now. It give me pleasure to see it. Last weekend it perched on a power line and mom and I managed to get pictures (mom's is above). As we humans take away more and more of their habitat we should at the very least become more tolerant of them. Please don't kill them or any creature for sport alone. Take only what you need to eat and take pictures of the rest.

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