Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ray Cochran

My friend Ray lost his fight with cancer late Saturday. We met, some years ago, through a mutual friend Wind Raven. I was seeking knowledge of "the people" and he was always seeking to preserve it. His wedding to Cheyenne was the first Native American Ceremony I was ever to have the honor of attending. Called "The Hunter" , I think he not only liked to hunt real game, but ways to keep Tsalagi Heritage alive. From teaching us to speak Tsalagi to all the hours he spent working at powwows to calling stomps and so much more. Ray had a soft side which you could see when he looked at his wife, and hear in his voice when he spoke of his son Blake. I know that Ray will be greatly missed by those closest to him, and much missed by we who called him a friend. But Creator has him now.
(Hope Chey doesn't mind I "borrowed" this picture)
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Morningstar said...

I'd like to add to the post,that Ray was a person who chose to repair the lost heritage of the people to those who have searched and been let down in their struggle to be what they are,Native Americans. He was fun and vivacious and made you feel like you were accepted as whom you belive you are.He never treated anyone like they were a wannabe ,but as they were. He will be remmembered by me for the fun times trying to learn a stomp dance in the garage of Wind Ravens home ,and the smiles he gave.I was so honored to be part of his and Cheyenne{Tonya}'s wedding ,when I look at the photo's of it I see so much love there. And am thankfull the Creator gave him the chance to see his first grandchild and she him,before his passing,it is to be a great memory for all.
Ray if you can hear {or read this} thanks for the memories and friendship.

Anonymous said...

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