Monday, July 19, 2010

The Nest

A family of wasps decided to build its nest between the panes of my double windowed bathroom. A few days ago one came inside. I killed it, felt bad about it too. But, Sunday as I went ready to take a bath so I could go out for a meal (Mom was picking me up, and was on the way), I found that five more wasps had come in. This wasn't just one little trespasser to deal with. This was an invasion. And they were invading MY Nest. So, out with the wasp spray with the 12 foot jet nozzle. And down went 5 wasps plus a couple more from the nest that I could get. I still felt bad it. If only they'd kept to the out side...

After basically hosing everything down, I knew I would have wipe it all down and have a fresh towel and new soap, so the bath was going to have to wait until after the meal.

So I went out frustrated, to wait for mom to arrive, only to look up in the tree next to the car and discover another nest that I hadn't noticed before. And shaking my head I mumbled, "It's all about the nest."

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