Friday, December 01, 2006

Cherokee Heritage Center

Okay, I'm bad. I passed the whole month of November without make a post. On November 4th I flew to Newcastle (that's in the UK) to work for a week. A continuation of a project I'm working on with people from different parts of the world.

I still am hoping some of you will post here or volunteer to author. Or email something to me to help out.

I found another blog for you to check out. It's done by the Cherokee Heritage Center.
They have a living history village and other offerings at the center.

You could also check out their web site:

I have an ironic kind of funny for you. Recently my sister and her family were trying to solve a puzzle from a catalog she receives. It was a treasure hunt for which you would follow the clues. You had to collect letters of a certain color in order. Then once you had then all you were to read them backwards. It was the name of a man. I looked at the letters they'd already collected and realized I recognized the name. It was Elias Boudinot. The funny thing is it's not the Elias Boudinot whose name I associated as the editor of the Cherokee Phoenix it was a different man of the same name. His family has a history of preserving documents and he of being the first President of the United States before it was the United States. I wonder now if this is a coincidence. Maybe you can help?

Here's a page on the Cherokee Phoenix Elias Boudinot
And here's the other Elias Boudinot



Anonymous said...

"Elias Boudinot was born in Oothcaloga, in northwest Georgia, about 1804. He was called Gallegina, or the Buck, and was the eldest of nine children. His father, Oo-watie, was considered a progressive Cherokee. Oo-watie enrolled Gallegina and a younger son, Stand Watie, later a Confederate general, in a Moravian missionary school at Spring Place, in northwest Georgia. In 1817 young Gallegina was invited to attend the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions school in Cornwall, Connecticut. On his journey there, Gallegina was introduced to Elias Boudinot, the aged president of the American Bible Society, and adopted his name in deference and tribute."

Good luck on the hunt fellow searcher!

sigigi said...

Thank you for your reply. I had also found this web site to be helpful on this subject.