Sunday, October 22, 2006

Native American Genealogy, Green Corn Dance, and the Woodlands at Hopewell

I found this web site at Access Genealogy.
It has some available free resources and links to others. Among the offerings I found this article on the Green Corn Dance.
I will add the Access Genealogy link to the Native American pages to the page links on our blog here. If you have some suggested links you can email them to me for review.

If you are not ready to jump in on the blog but you like reading it. You can email my at You can also suggest a topic if you like. This is not confined to Cherokee/Tsalagi only. It's just that I already have a lot of those resources. You might also check out the links to the right. I already have a link there about the Woodland Natives of Hopewell. I've been reading recent articles about them in American Archaeology (the Summer and Fall 2006 issues) which I hope to share in the culture class.

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