Sunday, July 11, 2010


Songbird in a golden cage
She'd prefer the blue
How I crave the liquor of her song
-- My Songbird ~Emmylou Harris

I love to hear the birds sing but I've been particularly blessed lately with the songs of Cardinals. On Easter Sunday I went out to find that my Aussi Shepard Mille was tormenting a baby fledgling cardinal. She had worried it to exhaustion. The daddy and mommy Cardinals were trying to distract Mille to no avail. I reached out my hand and gently brushed it with my finger to make sure it was still alive. I surmised it must have fallen from the nest as it was on a low fence rail. I got between Mille and the babe, making Mille back off and then stretched out my hand again. Away it flew, mom and dad taking up the rear forming an arrow to safety.
So I like to think that they understood that I was trying to help and that's why I'm now blessed with their singing.

In the picture is the male up in the tree singing. You won't be able to see him unless you zoom way in, but he's there. And I too am glad they have the blue.

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